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HS&E Policy Statement

SIG plc is a pan-European multi site distributor and contractor whose principal activity is the supply of building materials to construction and related markets. The main products supplied are insulation, roofing, commercial interior and other specialist construction products.

The Board of Directors recognise that the health, safety and welfare of employees, visitors, contractors, external stakeholders and the wider community, who may be affected by its operations, is of primary importance in the successful conduct of its business. It also recognises its obligations to care for the environment through the prevention of pollution, and the implementation and monitoring of good environmental practices. As a minimum standard, the Group will meet the requirements of all legal, industry and other adopted standards.

The company strives to maintain best practice, seeking continual improvement and innovation within all Group businesses and activities through the implementation of its Health, Safety and Environment (HS&E) management systems, with the UK based businesses certified to BS EN ISO 14001 Environment and BSI OHSAS18001 Occupational Health and Safety.

This policy is signed by the Group Chief Executive to demonstrate the Boards commitment and it has been adopted by the Board of Directors of each UK based subsidiary and a copy is posted at each location. A copy of this policy is also posted on the SIG plc. Web site