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Next Day Nationwide Delivery


Preferred trading arrangements have been established with major manufacturers. Regular dialogue takes place between both parties on issues such as new product introductions, design and development, compliance with Health and safety requirement, handling and storage, staff training on products and stock management.

Ockwells builds relationships with key suppliers on the following:

  • Commitment to preferred supplier agreements.
  • Carrying stock in both range and depth in all branches to fulfil customer needs.
  • Purchasing at mutually beneficial economic order quantities.
  • Continuous investment in technology to reduce transactional costs.
  • Using our customer relationships, marketing and selling skills to “pull” products through the supply chain.
  • Prompt payment to terms.
  • Commitment to resolving disputes/ problems early.
  • Close personal relationships.
  • Product Quality

Ockwells past, present and future policy is to deal with reputable manufactures only. As previously stated Ockwells will continue to rationalise in favour of market leaders and/ or quality new entrants who have the capacity to produce, deliver and underwrite product quality.

For direct to site deliveries, any items that are damaged or delivered in error must be immediately notified to the relevant sales office. This will enable Ockwells to record your claim and notify the supplier to take corrective action.

Goods into our depots are signed off. In the event of a problem the materials are made available to the suppliers for inspection. In general terms there are very few problems in this area.