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Flame Retardant Door Sleeves

Door Sleeve FR
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Can reduce costly damage to pre-finished doors, or reduce preparation time on primed doors by keeping them clean and damage free.
  • Certified to LPS 1207: Issue 2 Cert. 527a/01
  • Designed to fit most fire doors – any surplus film can be folded over the top of a door and should be secured with low tack or Easi-Peel (easy tear) Flame Retardant Tape to ensure a snug fit
  • Where impact resistance is needed, door sleeves can be used in conjunction with Standard or Flame Retardant Door Size TwinShield protection board



lps 1207 iss 2 527a_01

Product Options
DescriptionSleeves per RollDimensions
FR Door Sleeves 202200mm x 1100mm
FR Door Sleeves502200mm x 1000mm