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Insect Homes

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Offering a wide range of Insect Homes, all designed with great care for conservation.
  • Our suppliers are able to offer you their innovative range of “gardener friendly” insect nest boxes to encourage bees, lacewings and other beneficial insects to stay in your garden.
  • The presence of these will reduce your need to purchase pesticides and other harmful chemicals, and help with ensuring your crops are pollinated.
  • These nesting boxes are good for the bats and, with such careful and focused design, will satisfy the specifications for UK habitat mitigation schemes.
  • Insect preferred: Thoughtfully designed nesting boxes make safe and secure homes.
  • Chosen by professionals: With all the right features, the nest boxes of choice for professionals.
  • Selected by you: Modern designs, traditionally made in wood – look good, and work well.
  • Designed by experts: Designed with the help of insect specialists.
  • Built to last: Hand crafted to cope with the best and worst of the British weather, year in year out.
  • If you don’t see what you’re looking for or you want advice please contact us.
Water Resistant

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Bug Mansion300mm x 130mm x 120mm