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Bug Hotel and Hedgehog Nest Box

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Bug Hotel

Manufactured from FSC certified exterior grade European Birch plywood, the surfaces are coated with a non-toxic water-based stain and preservative treatment to help prolong the lifespan of the bug hotel. Two mounting holes at the top of the back panel provide fixing points so the unit can be attached to a shed, fence, tree, or post.

Designed to attract a range of beneficial insects into the garden by providing shelter, this bug hotel features two fully accessible chambers with a front view polycarbonate viewing window to the top chamber. Perforations allow insects to access the chambers whilst bamboo tubes provide homes for solitary bees.

Eco Hedgehog Nest Box

The Eco Hedgehog Nest Box is manufactured primarily from UV stable 100% recycled plastic sheets which are made from discarded bale wrap and other similar plastics collected mainly from farms around the UK. The wooden removable and replaceable floor is made from FSC certified Oriented Strand Board (OSB). The components are all joined together using ingenious integral tabs that negate the need for perishable fixings such as screws or nails.

Designed to be both a nest chamber and a hibernation chamber, the design incorporates a generous chamber along with an integrated tunnel to stop predators from entering the box. The Eco hedgehog box will provide comfortable and dry accommodation for hedgehogs for many years, without the worry of the box rotting or degrading.

  • Our suppliers are able to offer you their innovative range of “gardener friendly” insect nest boxes to encourage bees, lacewings, and other beneficial insects to stay in your garden.
  • The presence of these will reduce your need to purchase pesticides and other harmful chemicals, and help with ensuring your crops are pollinated.
  • These nesting boxes are good for the bats and, with such careful and focused design, will satisfy the specifications for UK habitat mitigation schemes.
  • Insect preferred: Thoughtfully designed nesting boxes make safe and secure homes.
  • Chosen by professionals: With all the right features, the nest boxes of choice for professionals.
  • Selected by you: Modern designs, traditionally made in wood – look good, and work well.
  • Designed by experts: Designed with the help of insect specialists.
  • Built to last: Handcrafted to cope with the best and worst of the British weather, year in year out.
  • If you don’t see what you’re looking for or you want advice please contact us.

Product Options
DescriptionProduct CodeDimensions
Bug Hotel10679500300mm x 130mm x 120mm
*Eco Hedgehog Nest Box10679497510mm x 460mm x 330mm
Other options available upon request