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Gully Guard™

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Gully Pots are prone to the build-up of sediment and can become blocked and inactive as a result of operational and processing waste, and the silt and debris generated by building developments. Quick and easy to install into gully pots and other water transport systems the Gully Guard™ works by trapping the debris and contaminants from surface water run-off, therefore reducing clogs and blockages in drains – the main cause of ground flooding and damage. The filtered surface water is able to effectively drain away into watercourses leaving the debris and contaminants in the re-usable Gully Guard™ and not the environment.


  • Environment Agency recognised
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • 98% filtration of silt, debris and toxins
  • Aids prevention of surface flooding
  • Kind to nature – no chemicals
  • Reusable – hose down and reinstate
Installation Instructions and Application Guide
  • Please contact one of our branches for installation instructions
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