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Kerb Joint Protectors

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About Ockwells Kerb Joint Protector

Ockwells Kerb Joint Protector is designed to provide consistent spacing between kerbs during installation, in addition it also protects the kerb ends from damage, whilst still allowing for movement and settlement.

With kerbs being installed during the early stages of a project, they are particularly prone to movement or settlement which can result in the kerbs being pushed together, causing damage to the kerb ends.  it is estimated that the labour cost for replacing a damaged kerb is around £35 per kerb, plus the cost of the replacement kerb and disposal.

With options to suit Half Battered and Bullnose kerbs, the new Kerb Joint Protector is designed to protect the kerb ends from becoming damaged after installation, and its crushable ribs allow for movement and settlement of the kerbs.  Made from a flourescent yellow PVC material they also provide a visual reference for site traffic.

Product Overview
  • Easy to use and remove
  • Provides consistent spacing when installing kerbs
  • Crushable ribs allow for movement and settlement
  • Provides temporary protection to kerb ends
  • Visual reference for site traffic
  • Cost effective way of preventing damages


Product Options
Half Battered Kerb Joint Protector10644686
Bullnose Kerb Joint Protector10644687