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ProtectorGlaze(TM) Glass Protection

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ProtectorGlaze (TM) Peelable Glass Protection is designed to provide temporary protection to a number of non-porous surfaces including glass, frames, glazed roofing, ppc aluminium, and solar panels during the construction process.

A quick and easy protection solution to use, the coating is simply applied using a roller, and when dry provides a clear film that allows diffused light into the building. At the end of the project the film is simply peeled away by hand to leave a clean surface. The used film can be easily disposed of due to its low volume nature – 1sq.m of dry film creates just a 60mm diameter ball of waste.

  • Protects surfaces from damage caused by abrasion, staining, spillage and scratching
  • Cost-effective solution to reducing unnecessary and expensive on-site replacements and repairs
  • The UV stable coating dries to form a tough film that will protect surfaces for up to 6 months externally and 12 months internally
  • Leaves no residue when removed, therefore reduces time for final clean
  • Non-hazardous – water resistant when dry, and water cleanable when wet
  • Non-flammable – resistant to hot works grinder ‘flecks’ and welding splatter, associated with curtain walling fabrication and installation
  • No cutting or shaping required as with rolled film, therefore creates no off-cut waste
  • Surface can remain dusty when product is applied, unlike adhesive films which require surface to be clean
  • Does not fall or peel off, therefore no need for re-applying on site
Water Resistant
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ProtectorGlaze(TM)™5 & 20ltr Tubs
ProtectorGlaze(TM) Roller 10066224