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Stairwell Hatch System

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Ockwells Stairwell Hatch system is designed to be lightweight for handling and ease of use on site whilst providing a large safe standing platform when installed.
Product Overview
  • Stairwell Hatch Systems are designed to provide full cover platforms over the stairwell opening in various combinations to suite your requirements
  • The System is designed to prevent falls through large stairwell openings whilst giving you full or partial access for operatives and materials
  • This System allows safe and fixed access to a ladder prior to a staircase being fitted
  • Openings next to party walls can be accommodated using a Telescopic Joist
  • Each System set comprises of 3 x Hatches, 1 x Ladder Plate and 1 x Telescopic Joist
Load Testing and Application
  • Ockwells Stairwell Hatch System has been independently tested by Lloyds British Testing Ltd
  • All parts of this system must be regularly inspected for damage from misuse. Any damaged parts should be replaced; damaged parts should be disposed of through recycling
  • Do not exceed 2 persons per panel (max 136kg per person, in accordance with the HSE’s Research Report 342)
  • Each Hatch has been tested to 272kg as a sound working platform
Installation Instructions and Application Guide



Water Resistant

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Product Options
Stairwell Hatch1200mm x 900mmApprox. 22.5 KG
Ladder Plate1200mm x 450mmApprox. 12 KG
Telescopic Joist2500mm (extending to a maximum length of 3500mm)Approx. 35 KG