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Heavy Duty Tack Mat

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Generally used to reduce dust and dirt transfer over building thresholds.
  • Designed to trap dust and dirt from heavy foot traffic in busy areas.
  • Each layer is coated with a non-transferable resin; physical pressure of standing on the mat ensures that any loose particles on the soles of the shoe are detached and remain in the resin.
  • When placed at the entrance to sensitive areas they compel pedestrian traffic to step-on and step-off the mat.
  • Saturated layers can be simply peeled away to reveal a new clean layer.
  • Tack Mats are usually used in conjunction with our temporary screening to reduce dust and dirt contamination further.
Water Resistant

Product Options
Heavy Duty Tack Mats36610mm x 910mm
Heavy Duty Tack Mats361010mm x 910mm
Heavy Duty Tack Mats361520mm x 910mm