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Visqueen MegaFilm Flame Retardant

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Offering a range of embossed and molded flame retardant plastic sheets designed to suit both carpet & hard floor applications.
  • Complete protection during refurbishment and redecoration and is available in a range of grades including light and high performance carpet and hard floor protection
  • Flame Retardant grades are manufactured and certified to LPS 1207: Issue 3 Cert. 521a/03 under the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB)
  • Unique molded pattern creates anti-slip surface with high tear and puncture resistance
Application Instructions
  • To ensure the highest performance of the material, protection should be installed as soon as all surfaces to be covered are clean and are fully cured where necessary
  • Material should be laid print side up, unless directed otherwise
  • Unroll the material and cut to fit desired coverage area, pull protection taut to ensure that the material lies flat
  • Smooth down all taped joints and perimeters by applying pressure along their length

Flame Resistant and Water Resistant

Fire Retardant  Waterproof


Product Options
MegaFilm FR Dust Cover (Green)1.5m x 167m (250m2)
MegaFilm FR Light Duty (White)1.5m x 100m (150m2)
Hard Floor (Blue)1.0m x 100m (100m2)
Hard Floor (Blue)1.5m x 100m (150m2)