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TecDura Stickymat


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About TecDura Stickymat

Ockwells and TecDura specialises in innovative site protection systems. One of the primary products in the TecDura range is a revolutionary temporary protection in medium and light duty coverings which can be used to protect a multitude of finished surfaces from construction damage and spills.

Product Overview
  • Simple, fast and easy to apply and remove – TecDura Stickymats offer a seamless, non-slip covering that adheres to the substrate
  • High level of surface protection – the TecDura Stickymat comes in Medium and Light Duty grades
  • TecDura Stickymat will protect against damage from machinery, spills, scaffolding, etc. and allow the finished surface to be handed over in original condition
  • TecDura Stickymat is flame retardant certified to LPS1207
  • Certification Numbers 1214a/03, 1214a/04 and 1214a/05
  • Can be used to protect a variety of substrates including concrete, marble, stone, tile, sealed hardwood and even kitchen worktops and sanitaryware
  • Comprises of three key components; an adhesive backing, a geotextile mat (made from 75% post-consumer plastic bottles) with a top coat
Covering Options
TecDura HD Stickymat 
  • For construction environments involving machinery and extensive construction activity
  • Superior water and spill resistance
  • Protection for up to 9 months exterior or 12 months interior
TecDura MD Stickymat 
  • Sites with not as much traffic and infrequent use of lighter machinery
  • Moderate resistance to water and spills
  • Protection for up to 9 months interior, but not recommended for exterior use
TecDura LD Stickymat
  • Interior site work with lower traffic levels and minimal use of machinery
  • Protection for up to 9 months interior
  • Ideal for transportation protection, carpets, internal domestic use, counter tops, baths, cabinetry, doors and glass

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Flame Retardant
Water Resistant

Certified to LPS 1207
Product Options
HD Stickymat1040mm x 40m
MD Stickymat1040mm x 50m
LD Stickymat1040mm x 50m