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General purpose protection board available in Standard and Flame Retardant variants.
  • Manufactured from black or translucent twin wall Flame Retardant and Standard polypropylene board that is tough, durable, impact and chemical resistant, non-toxic and waterproof
  • TwinShield is ideal for protecting floors, walls, windows, doors, worktops, columns and is used in many other applications
  • TwinShield has been extensively tested and approved by the Loss Prevention Council to LPS 1207*. The LPCB logo, registration and batch number are printed on every sheet so that the user can be certain that they are buying a fully accredited product
  • Available in standard and flame retardant – certified to LPS 1207*
  • Certification Numbers 341a-x1/01 and 742a-x1/01
  • Also available in anti-static grade, minimum order of 500 sheets

Flame Retardant
Water Resistant
Anti-static Product
Own Brand


Made from polypropylene which is recyclable


lps 1207 iss 2 341a-x1_01

Product Options
TwinShield Standard (Black or Trans)2mm2400mm x 1200mm
TwinShield Standard (Black or Trans)3mm2400mm x 1200mm
TwinShield Standard (Black or Trans)4mm2400mm x 1200mm
TwinShield Standard (Black or Trans)5mm2400mm x 1200mm
TwinShield FR (Black or Trans) *2mm2400mm x 1200mm
TwinShield FR (Black or Trans) *3mm2400mm x 1200mm
TwinShield Roll FR (Translucent) *2mm75m x 1200mm
Other Thicknesses of FR Made to Order