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EdgeGuards – Cardboard, Flame Retardant & Foam

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Temporary edge protection for doors, work top edges, wall corners, columns, beams, timber edges and many other surfaces.
  • Cardboard EdgeGuards have a tough surface that can withstand a high level of impact – also available in U-shaped angles
  • Foam EdgeGuards are ideal when cushioned protection is needed if the item to be protected could be easily damaged
  • Flame Retardant Edge Protectors are made from 2mm Ockwells TwinShield board certified to LPS 1207: Issue 3 Cert. 341a-x1/01*
  • See table below for dimensions and full list of Ockwells Edge Protection

Flame Resistant   Water Resistant   Polypropylene

Fire Retardant Waterproof

LPS1207 Iss 3 341a-x1_01

Product Options
EdgeGuard Cardboard2 m4 mm50 mm x 50 mm
EdgeGuard Cardboard ('U-shaped')2 m4 mm50 mm x 50 mm x 50 mm
EdgeGuard Foam2 m10 mm75 mm x 75 mm
* EdgeGuard TwinShield FR1.5 m2 mm75 mm x 75 mm