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Ockwells offer three types of Overshoes – Standard, Heavy Duty and ones designed specifically to be used with Automatic Dispensers.
Standard & Heavy Duty Overshoes
  • Standard overshoes are made from durable polythene, Heavy Duty overshoes are made from Tyvek.
  • Both can be worn over shoes and work boots to protect carpets, laminate/vinyl flooring and most other finished surfaces.
  • Cost effective protection for finished surfaces, with one generous size fits all.
Disposable Overshoes with Automatic Dispenser
  • The automatic dispenser is precision engineered to provide durability and reliability to dispense overshoes up to size 14 on shoes and up to size 12 on site Rigger boots.
  • Easy to use and reload with light, durable, non-staining and biodegradable overshoes.
  • Textured to provide grip and prevent slipping even on polished surfaces – tested for slip resistance on all surfaces associated with the hospital environment.
  • Dispenser comes with a free carry case, 100 overshoes and a one year guarantee, whilst additional overshoes come in packs of 100.
Water Resistant
Product Options
DescriptionPack Sizes
Overshoes Standard Duty50 pairs
Overshoes Heavy Duty50 pairs
Overshoes for Dispenser100 pairs