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Zip Door Kits

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Can be adhered to standard and flame-retardant polythene to create sealable doorways.
  • Zip strips can be used in pairs to form large access for trades and materials in to work areas.
  • Each pack contains; 2 lengths of adhesive backed heavy duty zips and 2 lengths of cord for tying up the zip door entrance once in place.
Fixing Instructions
  • The surface should be clean and dry to maximise the strength of the adhesive.
  • Position the closed zip at the bottom of the polythene, level with the edge on the floor. Mark the starting spot at the top with a pen on the polythene. Ensure that the zip pull is at the bottom and the zip stop is at the top.
  • Starting at the marked spot, place the zip on the polythene with 100mm of the backing tapes released and press firmly into place. Once this is done pull the backing from the zip with one hand while pressing the zip firmly into place with the other. Run down the rest of the zip while maintaining pressure.
  • When both zips have been applied, open the zip from the floor up to the zip stop. Starting at the top, place a sharp blade between the teeth of the open zip and slowly cut through the film from top to bottom.
  • Once both zips are applied, place your finger and thumb to either side of the film and zip. While applying pressure run from the top to the bottom to ensure that the zip is firmly pressed in place.
  • Once the zips have been checked, the open door can be rolled up and secured with the cord provided.
Product Options
Zip Door Kit2 x 2m long Zip Strips
2 x String Cords