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RailSafe System

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RailSafe System – Overview

Ockwells RailSafe System is designed to form a reusable temporary safety barrier which can be used in a multitude of applications, including in conjunction with the Ockwells Stairwell Hatch System.

The RailSafe system comprises of a combination of metal corner and straight posts, combined with adjustable metal rails. Incorporated into the system is a Ladder Gate which creates a safe ladder access point and also acts to securely close off any openings, reducing the risk of falls from height. When appropriate, RailSafe can be used in conjunction with the Stairwell Hatch System to form the perfect reusable safety system for securing open stairwells, whilst still allowing for controlled access for personnel and materials.

The RailSafe system has been tested by an independent body to BS EN13374:2013 (Class A). Furthermore, an independent structural engineer has also certified that the RailSafe system meets the requirements of the above standard.

RailSafe – Components

Ockwells RailSafe System is configured from the items in the component list below and can be combined to suit a number of configurations. Once the corner and straight posts have been securely fixed in position, the telescopic rails can be extended to the correct length so that they span from post to post, these are then connected to the posts using the pre-installed anti-luce fittings at the top and mid height positions on the posts.


RailSafe has undergone testing and passed to the following standard:
• Assessed by calculation, and by physical testing by an independent test house, against the requirements of BS EN 13374:2013 (Class A)
• This is applicable when fixed into 22mm flooring grade chipboard using all fixing holes. When fixing to other substrates the end user is responsible for the adequacy of the fixings



DescriptionItem No.
(See Image)
RailSafe Safety Post Standard (w/Anti Luce)1106600321026 x 200 sq
RailSafe Safety Post Corner (w/Anti Luce)2106600311026 x 200 sq
RailSafe Telescopic Handrail3106648751050 - 1600
RailSafe Telescopic Handrail4106651261875 - 2500
RailSafe Safety Gate (w/Anti Luce)5106600341026 x 900
Post & Gate Box Section dimensions: 40mm sq