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Crossgrip Line Mats

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Crossgrip Line Mats are a walkway matting with colour delineated safe standing zones which make it easy for your employees and customers to observe social distancing measures.
Fabricated from a two-layer, flexible one-piece PVC construction, Crossgrip
Line Mats have an open grid non-porous structure and diamond-cut pattern
surface which provides grip and excellent drainage characteristics. In
addition, its construction also gives it flexibility which allows it to contour to
the surface on which it sits.
Quick and easy to install and remove as required, Crossgrip Line Mats are
also easily cleaned and are resistant to most chemicals.
  • Durable PVC construction
  • Excellent drainage properties – tested to DiN 51130:V10
  • Flexibility to contour to surface below
  • Easily cleaned
Product Options
DescriptionProduct CodeDimensions
Ockwells Crossgrip Line Social Distancing Matting10664939450mm x 10m
Ockwells Crossgrip Line Social Distancing Matting10664941600mm x 10m
Ockwells Crossgrip Line Social Distancing Matting10664940910mm x 10m