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Ockwells TwinShield Stairtreads

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Designed to protect stair risers and stair treads whilst the various trades complete their tasks.
  • Ideal for protecting against foot traffic whilst maintaining a clean surface below
  • A degree of slip and water resistance
  • Designed to protect both the tread (200 mm) and riser (150 mm)
  • Manufactured from flame retardant Ockwells TwinShield board that has been extensively tested and approved by the Loss Prevention Council to LPS 1207 Issue 3 Cert. 341a-x1/01
  • Fixed in place with either our staple gun with 6 mm or 12 mm staples or one of our Adhesive Tapes

Water Resistant  Flame Resistant

Waterproof Fire Retardant



lps 1207 iss 3 341a-x1_01

Product Options
TwinShield Stairtreads200mm X 150mm x 1200mm